Andrey Vorobyev

Coordination Center Director since 2015

Andrey Vorobyev has headed the Coordination Center for six years and worked in the domain industry for 20 years, including the Coordination Center. Before the Coordination Center, Andrey Vorobyev worked at RIPN, and later at RU-CENTER, one of the largest domain registrars, where he was PR and GR director. He took an active part in launching .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА geographic TLDs.

He began working in the domain industry in 2001, at the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN). When the domain registration department separated from RIPN, he was appointed PR and GR director at RU-CENTER.

In 2009-2014, Andrei Vorobyev directly participated in systematic work to expand the Russian domain space. He took part in the work of the international group for geographic domain applicants, defending the interests of Russian applicants in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). In 2013, on behalf of the .MOSCOW and .MOSCOW domain registries, he organized and held a meeting of the group of geographic domain applicants at Moscow City Hall.

In 2015, Andrey Vorobyev was communications director at the Internet Development Institute. In October 2015, he was appointed Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, and has worked to expand the participation of the Russian ccTLD registry in the activities of industrial international and regional organizations.